Wednesday, 24 July 2013

How Time Flies!!

Wow, that was some break, but in the time I have been away, I have managed to fit in some of life's biggest milestones!!! In these few short weeks, we have moved house - stressful enough, but with the addition of a new born it was certainly interesting.

My darling newest addition to our family arrived on the 11th June in the small hours of the morning and is an adorable little sister to her very excited and attentive big sister.

Slowly I am getting the house sorted and working through packing boxes and finding places to put everything. 

My camera is still packed away somewhere so I have had to rely on my mobile phone to capture a few precious photos of my little girl while she is still so little.

Having a newborn leaves little time to indulge in anything other than caring for a newborn, but my addiction to yarn has been somewhat appeased by some of the beautiful gifts some of my friends and family have made for her.

This dress is absolutely adorable and was made for her by my dearest friend. I can't wait for her to wear it some day soon.

My sister in law knitted this little collection, she is still quite new to knitting and this was her first cardigan she had made. It's so diddy and has been worn several times as I know my daughter will soon  be too big for it. 

My obsession for blankets knows no limits so I was very pleased to receive this beautiful ripple blanket. It is made using the ever versatile Stylecraft yarn so is 100% washable, which is great for all the little spillages that comes with having a newborn!!!

And it certainly has been a useful blanket to have.

I hope to dig out my many bags of wool and once I have got back into some kind of normal pattern to life again and can even perhaps fit in a few moments to complete a couple of crochet projects I currently have on the go, I will report back on my progress. 

Hoping it'll not be as long next time!