Sunday, 12 May 2013

Lazy Weekends

Lazy Weekends

It's not often we get a whole weekend together as a family and so when this weekend saw that was exactly what was happening, we indulged in doing the simple things in life and planned ourselves a Lazy Weekend.

Firstly, we prepared Friday night with proving sour dough ready to be turned into bread for Saturday lunchtime!

I rustled up a tray of Millionaires Shortbread, using the recipe I found here and cut into small morsels and left in the fridge so could be munched on at whim!

The task of reclaiming back the garden from the ravishes of winter was fully instigated.

New plants installed, and unfortunately a lot of casualties of the harsh snow we have seen this Winter were removed.

Fortunately my bearded Irises survived and this week saw them all bloom magnificently in the growing hours of sunshine we have been getting!

A few additional bedding plants were added to the somewhat barer borders after the cull and added a bit of cheery colour.

Lots of delphiniums were once again planted to replace the ones we lost. I love these plants and as I try and keep a cottage style garden , Delphiniums are an absolute must

The beautiful blossom was still very much in abundance, even though I got a sprinkling every time I tried to weed underneath.

It was also lovely to reinstated the herb garden. We have always had one but although it survived the Winter, it was more its age that was its downfall, a lot of the woodier varieties like Rosemary and Thyme were no longer providing tender shoots and were looking a little bedraggled and sorry for themselves. Other herbs such as the Lemon Balm and Chervil had kinda taken over and needed reigning in again. 

Sweet Peas were planted at the bottom of the pyramid trellis and allowed to get on with doing what they do.

This little guy has been adopted from a neighbours garden and has happily self seeded and popped up in a corner of our garden. Because he's a cheery little fellow, he's been allowed to stop but usually I don't have a lot of yellow flowers in the garden, no real reason really, but that has now changed!!

The rhubarb has triumphantly returned and has already provided us with our first rhubarb crumble of the year.

In our house, we don't need a barometer or weather forecast to tell us if it's going to be a nice day, our Siamese cat will always be found basking in the sun if the temperature is right, and this weekend has shown glimpses of nice weather (even if the rain did put in frequent but short blast of wet conditions)

But, alas, the blue sky was occasionally evident and all in all this weekend, for us as a family is how we like to spend it. 

Wishing you an equally enjoyable weekend too.

Will be back soon.

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  1. Oh sweet peas! I knew I was missing something!! Your garden is starting to come to life once again, the same here (just planted my peppers so it must be safe now!). I love millionaires shortbread so will give the recipe a go. Have a great week. Chel x