Friday, 15 February 2013

Touch Of Spring

The temptation to sit today in a sunny spot and complete the final rows on my Sunburst Granny Square blanket was nearly successful, except for the need to be outside, enjoying the first feel of Spring being nearly here. So pulling on my favourite pink wellies and rousing the dog from her slumbers, we headed out into the bright sunshine

Although still quite barren, the landscape began to show hints of green hues, and the chirping of birds and small clumps of snowdrops and crocuses definitely told the tale that Spring was coming!!
I do this walk with my dog, Sasha many times, but these last few months I have rarely looked up from my travels and seen the sights, instead, my head has been cast down, hat on, scarf wrapped tightly round neck, hands deep inside pockets and a desire for the walk to be over as quickly as possible so I can retreat to the warmth of my cosy house once more. Sasha, I'm afraid, had much the same thoughts!

But today she ran about like a dog half her age, eyes bright, tongue lolling about her mouth, sniffing all the new scents, we really did have a lovely time

We passed the field of sunflowers, once a glorious riot of colour, now just empty seed heads, still statues in their appearance, tall and majestic.

I cast a fleeting glance at our allotment. As a family we have had a plot here for a few years and it has brought endless enjoyment. Last year saw a bumper crop of strawberries, so many in fact, we had them every day in some way shape or form, we even handed them out to thankful neighbours, we had that many. At times the work is back breaking, but the rewards are huge. We hurried on past, too aware that if I looked too closely, I would be tempted to start turning over the soil, or pulling a few weeds and really this is a job that needs a whole day to tackle, probably even a weekend, and today time wasn't on my side, so onwards we went.

Past the duck pond and the ever inviting gaggle of ducks, eager for bread, till finally, after nearly 2 hours, we made it home again. Alas, after such a long walk, along many a muddy track, I'm afraid Sasha looked and smelt rather too much like the mucky fields she was so keen to explore, and found herself plonked unceremoniously in the bath tub and was shampooed and washed back to her clean smelling self again, I'm not sure she was impressed with the experience!!

Now we are all fed and watered, I can now enjoy a few hours of uninterrupted hooky time with my blanket before the school dash starts. I hope the weather lasts and I'll be back soon to hopefully share my completed blanket with you. 

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