Thursday, 16 January 2014

Back in the Land of Yarn!!

Well I say back in the land, more a fleeting visit, a brief excursion, the smallest of stops back into a place I love and enjoy! Of course the reason for my short visit comes in the shape of daughter number 2, who, like her sister before her is apt at fighting this thing I once called sleep!! Now sleep is something I visit even less frequently than I do an afternoon with hook & yarn but, dare I say it, even whisper it, I think we've turned a corner, shhhhhh!!!

At the tender age of only 7 months, daughter number 2 has scaled down her nightly wake ups from a staggering 6+ to a more manageable 1!!!! This, after only these few short months feels like a mini miracle, I literally skip into her bedroom when she wakes for a feed sometime around 4am, telling myself I feel as fresh as a daisy for having the pleasure of sleeping a whole 5 hours uninterrupted and if I can get her fed & back to sleep in half an hour, I might even get another 2, that's 7 hours in total, like a normal person!

Now because I feel slightly more 'with it' and can manage a conversation with my husband past the hour of 8pm that doesn't include the words 'is it bedtime yet', I have started back enjoying a few hours of crocheting - YAY!!!

I've started a project that can be done a little at a time, a blanket made up of triangles! I got the idea from a blog called Get Hooked on Crochet and I intend to make a least one triangle a day. I am using the join as you go method and until I get a few rows under my belt, following how to do this involves a lot of concentration from me!! 

For a change, I'm using a cotton yarn.

 I like trying different types, my favourite to date has been using the Rooster wool I used for making my first baby blanket but a cheaper alternative that I find easy to use and comes in a great range of colours is Stylecraft DK which I used for my eldest daughter blanket.

Rooster Wool

Stylecraft DK

Fortunately, this cotton yarn was very reasonable, in fact, it was given to me by someone who just couldn't get on with it. It is made up of several strands and it has a tendency to split apart easily so very often the hook doesn't pick it all up and your work can develop loops of missed strands if you are not careful. 

Apart from that, I love the colours and fancied making up this blanket to see how it turns out.

I'm only a couple of rows in but still managing to make more than one triangle a night.  The intention is to make the blanket over the course of a year so I will report back regularly on its progress. 

The beauty of knowing that I can take my time with this project is that I can fit in doing other pieces as well. I've so many ideas in my head right now of things I want to get started on that I don't know where to begin!!! 

I shall be back soon with an update on my blanket & other stuff too.



  1. Yay welcome back! Lucky you getting yarn given! Its looking fab, can't wait for your update xxx