Thursday, 30 January 2014

January Blues

This week has plodded along nicely, the weather has been unsurprisingly cold and wet!  A few 'to do' jobs have been ticked off & we got new carpets in the bedrooms, staircases and hallway, oh I do love the smell of new carpets!

The triangle blanket is coming along brilliantly, as I suspected, once I had a few rows under my belt, I no longer had to concentrate intently on what I was doing to make sure I got it right, I can literally let my hands get on with the work while I watch tv or have a conversation!

One thing that I discovered, not so much to my surprise is that attempting to squeeze a spot of crocheting in while trying to entertain my wee girl, who this week has managed to catch a cold & is especially in need of extra cuddles & lots of comforting feeds from mummy is almost impossible! But when she takes a nap & I have managed to rush round the house tidying up like a mad woman, I can sit for a short time and enjoy a moment of crocheting.

This week, because of the awful weather, I took some time out to crochet up a few gifts for a friends daughters birthday. I thought I would first of all make a few hair accessories using butterflies and flowers which I could then attach to hair slides or toggles. 

Because they are so small it takes literally minutes to run up these flowers and butterflies and additionally they are an ideal project to use up all my odds and ends of wool I have left over.

The butterflies were especially easy to make, its simply a 4 petal flower with a length of yarn wrapped in the middle to make the body and voila, a butterfly.

I've been trying to sneak in a little crocheting when ever I can and set up camp on the living room floor

But, it's no easy feat when I have a budding assistant eager to get her hands on all my balls of wool. 

Anyway, I eventually managed to make a small handful of flowers and butterflies and glued them to some hair slides. 

I also managed to quickly make up this dollies blanket as well. It's just a granny square that I just continued on going round and round and round till it reached the desired sized. Should be just the right size for a dolly. 

In a bid to try to inject a spot of colour into life, I have brought some tulips and potted a few primulas. This time of year always feels so glum and bare. I'm longing for the evenings to stay lighter for longer and be able to take off a few layers and expose a bit of flesh!!!

Oh well, mustn't wish my life away. 

Be back soon xx

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